Benifits Accutension Brings To The World

Accutension uses the same measurement method as doctor’s and is ACCURATE. The accuracy is benificial for blood pressure management.

Here are some examples. Blood pressure monitor at home is very important for whitecoat hypertension diagnosis because some people’s blood pressure could increase at doctor’s office because of anxiety. When they go back home, their blood pressure could go back to normal afte they relax. So the diagnosis of true hypertension can not purely base on blood pressure measurement in the doctor’s office. However, since automated blood pressure monitors can give very different readings compared with doctor’s traditional sphygmomanometer, the numbers measured at home could bring some noises. For example, it is reported some automated blood pressure monitors could under-read the blood pressures. It is difficult to differentiate whether the lower number is from only home monitors or relaxing environment or both! With Accutension, such problem can be avoided because the measurement method is exactly the same as doctor’s. Accutension can provide consistent reading and people don’t need to care about the brands or models of blood pressure monitors. Some medical organization starts to use automated blood pressure monitors, the choose of the brand or model could affect patient diagnosis because of disagreement between blood pressure monitors. Some patients diagnosed as hypertension with this blood pressure monitor could be normotension with that blood pressure monitor. It seems ridiculous. Accutension is total equivalent to traditional sphygmomanometer that is regarded as gold standard of indirect blood pressure measurement. So no matter the blood pressure is measured with manual sphygmomanometer or Accutension, the result is always consistent. The measurement result will not be affected by the diagnosis.

Another challenge on blood pressure measurement is on data recording. Current blood pressure monitors just record the number. It is impossible to check whether it is correct or wrong later. Even for doctor’s measurement, the doctor just write down the number. There is no way to trace back whether there is measurement fault. It is different from other medical check. For example, after you take an x-ray, besides the conclusion, the photo is saved. Later on, the photo can be checked by others and different conclusion could be reached. For blood pressure measurement, Accutension records all the raw data besides the blood pressure number, so the number can be easily checked and the measurment quality can be evaluated by a professional. Accutension makes the auscultatory method and blood pressure measurement more objective then ever! The accuracy is always good and more benefits are waiting for you to find out.