Is Blood Pressure Monitor Accuracy Validation Protocol Still Needed, If Everyone Can Check Their Own BPM Accuracy By Themselves Easily?

There are three BPM validation protocols in the world and here is a summary,

Most of the automated blood pressure monitors sold have passed at least one of them. However, even the automated BPM from the top brand is not accurate for everyone – majority of critical reviews for blood pressure monitors in Amazon website are complaints on inaccuracy and seldom of the reviewers know the exact reason. Those reviewers just thought they got defective device but have not suspected whether the intrinsic algorithm is accurate for everyone. The validation protocol is mainly used to evaluate which one is relatively accurate, but this relatively accurate does not mean the automated BPM would be accurate for a specific person. In the past, there was no other choice due to technology limitation. But today, with accutension, everybody can validate their own automated BPM for himself. This overcomes the challenge past – before an automated blood pressure monitor is compared with manual measurement in a doctor’s office, it is not sure whether it is accurate for the specific user. When everybody can check their own automated blood pressure monitors, are those validation protocols still needed?