Do We Still Need Manual Blood Pressure?

Technology is very advanced today. Most of the instruments are digital. However, there is an exception. Manual blood pressure cuff, or sphygmomanometer, is still widely used in doctor’s office. Why is that? The least possible reason is that doctors can’t afford an automated one. The manual blood pressure cuff is used because it can provide the accuracy for everybody. It is the baseline (gold standard) for blood pressure measurement.

Automatic blood pressure monitor uses a different measurement mechanism from manual blood pressure cuff, so it is accurate for everybody. The accuracy depends on the user who is measured. Sometimes, the reading from a manual blood pressure cuff is called manual blood pressure while the automatic one is called electronic blood pressure. Sometimes the difference is very small between these two, less than 5mmHg, but sometimes, it can be very different, bigger than 20mmHg, based on a research!

So today, we still need manual blood pressure. Accutension is manual blood pressure in a digital way, enabled by your smartphone.